Introduction Video

Guaranteed Income Riders :

Many consumers have heard about guaranteed income riders, but may not have a good understanding of what they do and how they may benefit them. This short video demystifies guaranteed income riders.

Pros and Cons G.I.R.s:

Although guaranteed income riders can provide an income stream that you cannot outlive, this does not mean that you will be guaranteed a return on investment. This short video breaks down the pros and cons of guaranteed income riders and what considerations you should take before selecting this additional contract feature.

Riders And SPIAs:

Having a source of guaranteed income is often the goal of retirement planning. You may have some familiarity with Guaranteed Income Riders and Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIAs). Both have similar aspects—but there are some key differences. This short video offers a comparison of these two financial instruments.

Fees And Why They Matter:

Understanding the fees associated with an annuity contract or rider is important to properly evaluate the contract as a retirement income vehicle. This short video explains how fees can be deducted from the contract and what impact that could have for you.

Guaranteed Income Riders Summary:

So far I have discussed some of the major aspects of guaranteed income riders, but it is important to remember that what will be relevant to you will depend on your unique situation. This video provides a short summary of guaranteed income rider considerations.

Index Annuities Introduction:

Index annuities are a unique financial instrument in retirement planning. As with any program or contract there are pro’s and con’s of index annuities; unfortunately the cons have been discussed more in the press. It is important you and an advisor evaluate what is best for you based on your specific situation.

Risk And Needs:

Index annuities can offer many attractive features for consumers, but, as with any financial instrument, cannot correspond to everything on your retirement planning wish list. It is important to prioritize your goals so that the right product and plan can be developed. This short video explores general risks and needs when it comes to index annuities.


When looking at financial products, you should prioritize your goals and objectives. Some products and variations may have larger upside potential with fewer guarantees for return. Some may have liquidity options that in turn limit your growth. What will work will depend on your unique situation. This short video discusses these points as well as another advantage of Index Annuities: the reset.

Index Annuities Summary:

Evaluate all aspects, including fees, when considering a financial product such as an index annuity. This short video summarizes our discussion points on index annuities.