2014 Stock Market Predictions

I thought that would get your attention! Does anyone really believe that I, or anyone else, can predict the future? Then why is it that so many people believe the so-called experts that call for certain stocks or interest rates to move in the direction they “predict”. Isn’t it obvious to everyone that if any of these charlatans actually knew what any equity would do in the future that the last thing they would do is tell the world?

Markets, by definition, have buyers and sellers. The buyer, of course, wants to buy for the lowest price possible without compromising his purchase. The seller, on the other hand, wants to sell for the highest price possible without him compromising his position. Ah ha! Therein lies the rub. Both sides of the equation want a result opposite of the other.  All right then, doesn’t it make sense that whether you are a buyer or seller, you would want to keep all of your knowledge and insight of the transaction to yourself? If you give out to the public all of your expertise, wouldn’t that put your position in a less than ideal spot? Why would anyone put themselves in a disadvantageous position? You got it, they wouldn’t!

If you spent enough time charting the so-called experts as I do, you would find they change directions more times than the wind. They, of course, have no idea of what will come next. They pontificate, so to sound like they really are sure of themselves; but in reality, they know no more than you and I do.

Incredibly, one of these so-called experts that is nationally known, was advising people to buy all they can of Lehman Brothers, just a short time before it went insolvent! Unbelievably, this person is still widely followed! WHY!?!

Well, actually, I believe I know why. We all want to grab onto that gold ring. To have that silver bullet that everyone wants, but only you have, is nirvana. The problem is, in investment markets, it is not possible. Once everyone knows what you know, it loses its value. When the genius on TV tells the whole world what to do, it is already too late! He has just given out all your inside information as a seller, to millions of buyers!!

But not to worry, there are ways to get to where you want to be without magic wands. One way is the wise use of Fixed Indexed Annuities.

With the proper use of these products and their guaranteed income riders, you can have your cake and eat it too. Maybe not the whole cake, but a nice size piece!

If utilizing these products wisely, you can earn a good long term return on your cash, while guaranteeing yourself lifetime income. They are not silver bullets, but they can serve you in the way most retirees and near retirees want. Income they cannot outlive, while having a chance to mitigate inflation.

Advice is only as good as the source it comes from. Be leery of TV or radio generic gurus. There are no stretch pants in the advisory business….no one-size-fits-all!

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